Free Bus Rides to Fallsview Casino

Safeway Tours is presently offering free bus transportation to Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. There are several departures daily with pickup spots throughout the GTA. Offer is limited to those 19 years of age or older with government-issued photo ID and a valid Players Card.

For more details or to book your trip, call 416-593-0593


    • I am investigating ideas, and think many of the people in my condo building in Oakville would be interested in day trips to casino in Niagara Falls. would like to have some details please and also schedules and ;pick up places.

  1. You need to call the number and book your seat. I haven’t been able to find a website for them so I don’t think there is online booking. The bus stops at a few places around Toronto, including chinatown. You need to show your casino players card when you get on the bus. If it’s your first time and don’t have one yet, I think the price is around $20 (not sure) to take the bus, then go sign up for a free card when you get there, so you can go for free next time

  2. I just found out that they’ve recently launched their new website at – it has a complete schedule and map of pickup spots.

    From the site:
    “The bus fare for regular Players Advantage Club (PAC) card holders is $5 each person and free of charge for Elite, Premium, or Gold card holders. For guests without PAC card, $25 bus fare applies.”

  3. i do not have a membership card to fallsview casino but would like to get one…i understand presently u have a bus ride to & from the casino for FREE…I live in mississauga, is there a pickup & drop off point for your bus here in mississauga?…pl. respond..thanks…L.D.

  4. I went this weekend, and the bus is free again. They said for at least the summer.

    The bus I took didn’t stop in Mississauga, but the website shows they do have buses going from there though – check the schedule at

  5. No, you can’t get the card in the mail.

    I went on Sat afternoon, and the ride took over 2 and a half hours. The traffic gets crazy when you get close to st. catharines. Probably a good idea to take it early in the morning.

    • I think it used to be good for 24 hours, but when I went last summer, you have a specified return time that you are guarantted a seat, but if you don’t take it, you can get another bus later on, on standby basis, and that wasn’t a problem.

  6. They say on their website that no backpacks are allowed. Is this true for any other bags or suitcases? The reason i’m asking is because i would like to stay over at the casino for a night or two.

    • I think it depends.. but I’ve never seen them turn people away, and some times I’ve seen girls come on the bus with humongous purses… obviously packed with clothes and stuff. but if the bus is full, I guess they can use that as excuse to not let you on, since the casino only wants to pay for people who are actually going to gamble there.

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